The Bad Boy's Love

The Bad Boy's Love

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I walked with my head down. I hope no one recognizes me as Becca, of course they wouldn't because I wear a wig as Becca. I sighed and kept walking through my new school. 

Well I collided with a wall I cursed. Then when I heard the wall chuckled I realized I cursed out loud. Wait, the wall chuckled? 

I looked up slowly and gawked. The wall was hot, and not a wall, it was a guy. 

"Done staring?" His deep voice filled my ears and I almost melted there on the spot. Then I registered what he said. I looked up at him and felt the urge to slap his smirk off his face. 

"Actually I think you could use a little remodeling, like for one your nose it too big. But that's just one of the many things I would change about you," I said as a small smirk made its way onto my lips. His smirk fell and he looked at me shocked. "Now if you excuse me, I probably have better people than you to meet."

As I walked away I heard his friends laughing. 

"She is awesome!" One of them said as he clutched his stomach laughing. 

Yeah I know I am.

Rebecca Waters. Her skaters name was Becca Simons. Moving from her home in cold New York to warm Florida, she is heartbroken she can't skate anymore. The only reason she has to move is because her parents are divorced and her father accepted a job in Florida. She thinks moving there is the worst thing that could happen, but when she meets Ryder Scott her opinion changes. 

Ryder Scott. To sum him up he is a arrogant jerk. He only cares for certain people, he doesn't talk much in school unless he's trying to get laid by some of the girls. But he doesn't have to try, he is sexy as hell. So he's player, arrogant, jerk, he thinks girls are just items he can throw away when he's used them. But when he crashes into Rebecca he changes. 

But is it for the good or bad?

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vintage-reader vintage-reader Aug 17, 2017
How? When I walk outside, ask I get are weird stares and people look at me like I'm insane. Including my friends and family