Heritage Blood

Heritage Blood

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ATTENTION A THORKI FANFICTION! Includes incest, fluff, smut, abuse, violence, blood, homosexual relationship and all the other good shit that you need in your life.

This is set a month after the day Avengers defeated Loki and his army. Loki is now doomed to spend the rest of his life in the prison of Asgard.

Even though Frigga does everything to make Loki feel comfortable in his cell, none of them knew that he was being beaten up and raped there every day. Nobody even expected it because the ones who did it are the prison Guards....

What happens when Thor finds out about it? After Thor found Loki's old journal in his old chambers, he wanted to go and visit Loki's cell, talk to him, where he sees Loki in bruises, blood pouring out of his wounds. Pain was written all over his face....

  • avengers
  • boyxboy
  • loki
  • thor
  • thorki
  • yaoi
Ineedholywaterrrr Ineedholywaterrrr Nov 23, 2017
Does this chapter end here? I don't see anything after this paragraph...
LeaTomlinson_12 LeaTomlinson_12 Nov 03, 2017
O Jesus, I sure hope the dirty deeds are not to be done here in the future-
Well damn. I want to put a laughing emoji but I have my computer.
Sinfulsinner19 Sinfulsinner19 Dec 18, 2017
He's not cruel... He's just jealous... Jealousy is a dangerous weapon... THOR I SWEAR TO GOD
winterwidowlams winterwidowlams Nov 11, 2017
I do this to, where my cry sounds like a laugh and people get confused
YearlySincerely YearlySincerely Dec 03, 2017
I remember doing this to my diaries but i realized i was just wasting my money since nothing much happens in my life