Hetalia-Spain X Reader

Hetalia-Spain X Reader

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OMG 1K+ reads?!?! That's insane! Thank you everyone! I hope you like the story. Comment your thoughts because I love reading what you guys think. 
Just a story of a life about you and Antonio (Spain)and how good and bad this happen and how you guys solve em'.

If anyone wants another part just tell me and I will happily add more even though this is supposed to be finished.

PS. I don't own the picture or the Hetalia characters 

Maybe I'll add an extra chapter if of someone likes (requests for story??)

Piscesaki Piscesaki Oct 16
did you just invite a random person into your home then say you were gonna take a shower? cuz thats really stupid
Stormi_York Stormi_York Oct 15
.... That's my oc's name..... Literally my hetalia oc's name...... Oh well...
I laughed more than I should have about this and the funny thing is I do that when I'm slap happy
Tom isn't that bad 
                              Well I guess he could just be referring to Voldermort
you invited a random stranger into your home TOLD them you were going to take a SHOWER, WHERE YOU ARE NAKED, THEN YOU WALK DOWNSTAIRS LIKE THAT?!?! I SWEAR TO GOD WHAT IF I WAS A MURDERER OR A STALKER ARE YOU STUPID?!