Porcelain -- yoonmin

Porcelain -- yoonmin

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Caitlynnnn By OfMiceAndImbeciles Completed

-- "skin so pure, so smooth, so fragile, like porcelain.." --

"Please don't break me."

"Why would I break my favorite toy?"

WARNING:: If you do not like boyxboy, do not read!! If you do not like angsty stories, do not read!! You have been warned!!

Tally59 Tally59 Oct 12, 2016
Wait wait, so his dad left his mom for a guy? If that happened to me I would be like : YAZZZ BIIIITCH YOU RIDE THAT DÌCK
-notchelsea -notchelsea Aug 22, 2016
casually stands in attic with unfamiliar surroundings & where unknown loud bangs came from 👌🏽👌🏽
                              I think the real question is why are you still there
I have high hopes.
                              Basically because i am the worst when it comes to yoonmin.
_IAmBTSTRaSh_ _IAmBTSTRaSh_ Jun 25, 2016
Why do I feel like that doll is going to come to life and hunted the out of yoongi
Jungkooks_Cabbage Jungkooks_Cabbage Jun 27, 2016
I can already tell I'm going to like this. I love the way you word your work, as a writer, although I don't upload the tragedies that would be called stories here, looking at the paragraph give me inspiration and make me analyze every sentence.
yoondick yoondick Feb 16, 2016
I lOVe it already
                              I'm excited to see how Yoongi falls in love with a doll...