Superman's Seed

Superman's Seed

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GUMBiiE By GUMBiiE Updated Apr 04, 2011

Superheroes: A benevolent fictional character with superhuman powers, such as Superman.

Vietta James never believed in superheroes, she only saw them for what she thought they looked like. Insane men & women who prance around wearing spandex for fun. Completely ridiculous.
So what happens when the most famous superhero turns out to be your father?

Follow Vietta through her struggles with trying to adjust with life as 'Superman's Seed.'

Gia_Says Gia_Says Apr 02
Can you make this story have a part 2,3,4,5 it is sooo good.
Charlie_Campbell Charlie_Campbell Jul 17, 2014
Do you know of a story of supermans sister or something like that.
RoxiltheDragon RoxiltheDragon Mar 19, 2013
little bit short... but then, I'm one to talk... great start-off, though.
thecomicbooklover thecomicbooklover Jun 02, 2012
a really fresh and original idea...and amazingly written...!!...:)
merlinspants merlinspants Jan 28, 2012
cool idea, the only complication is that superman's child is actually a boy... yeah, he does have one in the comics, with louis lane... Will you incorporate any other superhero's kids in the book? i mean, most of them end up with kids, the flash and batman for example.
MikkyZ MikkyZ Oct 31, 2011
Love this idea ... Amazing and very original can't wait to continue to the next chapter :)