Freak Show ❁ Muke A. U

Freak Show ❁ Muke A. U

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c ya By courtxmae Updated Nov 24

"Welcome to the Freak Show, ladies and gentlemen."

The year is 1950 and the small town of Two Streams is buzzing with the news of a show coming through.

*This story takes place in the 50's; there will mentions of racism, sexism, rape, and abuse of different kinds. Triggering subjects.  If you are uncomfortable with those type of things, please do not read or read at your own risk. Any questions, comments and or concerns, feel free to contact me.*

wazzachick wazzachick Sep 03
OH MY GOD THIS IS ME!!!! I live in Australia with makes it 100 times worse. I always burn 😫😫😫
vocalsmuke vocalsmuke Jul 09
I adore his personality, it fits him well with this book 👏🏻
slushie03 slushie03 Nov 03
i saw this post on tumblr and it was like
                              "why do people romanticise the 1950s we still have milkshakes and racism"
xHOOD96x xHOOD96x Mar 21
I feel like I'll get way too emotionally attached to this book.. as I do with all your books
bandsomnia bandsomnia Sep 26
and this shït isn't even over yet. like all these police shootings to POC. my family get pissed scared when we see police officers
I kind of really like the way Michael talks. He has good manurism