Dark (Andy Biersack love story )

Dark (Andy Biersack love story )

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AudreyBVB~SPN♡ By AudreyBVB Updated Oct 16, 2016

As I close my eyes I fade into another realm. A realm where everything seems perfect, a realm where my body doesn't scream at my conscience to eat, a realm where my arms doesn't scream at me to harm them. A realm where my body doesn't feel like a prison that's keeping me from the world, where I can be myself without being judged. A place where my issues don't exist. A place where my anger and hatred don't crontrol my senses. A place where I don't feel the need to drink or smoke to calm myself. Where my blood doesn't need these pills to make me sleepy. An heaven where people can't tell me what to do. A realm where pain doesn't exist and isn't felt. A place where I don't feel the need to injure myself to stop feeling numb...... It is paradise. Or at least it seems like it is......in the gang leader's arms

So I don't have any ideas to continue this story, if you have any ideas or want to take over this story dm me and I'll see what we can do

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