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How to Promote your Stories

How to Promote your Stories

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How to Use Wattpad By howtousewattpad Updated Jan 29, 2016

You have finally hit the "PUBLISH" button and your story is now available to all Wattpadders! Congratulations!  But don't stop there! 

Wattpad has millions of users around the world, and your story might just be exactly what they are looking for! So here are some tips to get your story from your screen to the screens of millions of Wattpadders!

Rusty_Wolf Rusty_Wolf Mar 13
To be honest, author's notes are really annoying. Like, I'm trying to read the story, I don't want to know about how your cat scratched your hand or whatever. Sure, tell me if you're not updating for a while, but I don't need to know how your parents didn't take you to the mall that day.
Not really a fan of author's note but I sometimes write just for clarification of sorts. But like when you write authors note in some ends with feels and stuff, it might just ruin the mood so yeah, just saying...
LivvieCat LivvieCat Mar 05
I never knew this was a thing, I've only been on Wattpad on the computer ONCE!
KenWallin KenWallin Feb 12
From a reader's point of view, they pull you right out of the story. As my writing teacher used to say, "Author, get out of your story."
I've seen many great stories here which aren't discovered yet. People here like the cliché plots so only few read the other genres. Many stories which aren't written well have more than million reads whereas the best written ones are still at bottom. WHY?
I could never keep a schedule.  I write when i have time.  It's finished when it's finished, lol.  I also feel like it wouldn't go well for my writing if i have specific days to post on.  Stressing to finish something.  It's enough with my queue on my Simblr, lol.