Am I a person? Definitely. Do I have a genetic mutation? I guess you could say that. Does this genetic mutation give me super powers? I would call them 'abilities' just so I could retain a little dignity. Can these powers be used to kill people? Yes. Have I killed people? I'm not sure if I should answer that. Am I a deadly assassin? I have a dog and it's name is Bingo.
    Author's Note: In most stories, there is an evil villain or bad person that readers automatically hate because they are out to destroy the 'good guys', but have you ever felt sorry for them because they are doing what they feel they have to do?
@KaidonPugh Thanks! I'm happy that you think it's a good start. ^-^
Awesome start, I've downloaded it to my phone and i'm sure I'll have fun reading it with a cup of coffee :)
                                    I'll post my final thought at the very end after I finished.
                                    Good luck with future books.
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This is cool. :) I love the bad guy being good thing. (relatively good, i suppose)
                                    Could you read my story Abby Dante? There's a little bit of that bad/good guy thing in it, too, though in a much different form. :) Thanks!
0.o did u know a cancers symbol is the moon and ima cancer and i have 2 birthmarks in perfect circles freaky XD
Hi, this is my first story, so try not to judge me too harshly, but I am most definitely open to any comments, story ideas, and improvement points.
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