Monster {Tom Riddle}

Monster {Tom Riddle}

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such_a_perfectionist By MysticXWonder Updated Apr 30

Before you start this story, I have started a rewritten version and I suggest that against this!!

"You're a monster".
"Oh, I know".


I never wanted this to happen to me.

I was happy with my own friends, my own life.

I never wanted to turn back time and change some twisted being.

He was a monster and he knew it, but he never changed.

Imogen Flash was just an ordinary witch. Nothing special ever happened to her, until the start of her fifth year at Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry. She is pulled back in time to save a boy with no heart. He was a monster.

But could she save him before it's too late?

Whhaaattt my whole life is a lie. I thought Charlus was James' father 😲
"Hufflepuff's are particularly good finders"
                              "What the hell is a Hufflepuff?!"
AquaBelle1 AquaBelle1 Oct 29, 2016
Hey I'm sorry if this is bothering you but Remus is Lyall's son and I actually think this story is pretty accurate.
SpiritWolf03 SpiritWolf03 Oct 19, 2016
Also, you should probably move this chapter so it is at the beginning of the book instead of the end
Honestly if i were to make a tom riddle fan fic luckey blue smith would be my first choice for malfoy
RIPfredweasley RIPfredweasley Dec 23, 2016
I really like that you described the characters so well, it's gonna make reading the story so much easier.