My Foxy Hybrid boyxboy

My Foxy Hybrid boyxboy

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kayla By kaylachloe Updated Jul 01, 2014

Max is a fox hybrid who was sold into slavery as a baby so he doesn't have any memories of his childhood. He is sold as a 16 year old but really is a 17 going on 18 years old. On multiple accounts he was beaten to the edge of death and left to heal on his own before being beaten again.

Jason is a wealthy business man. He is a designer for any type of product. He is 19. One day he goes to a wear house where Max is being sold. He doesn't know why be bought Max he just had a feeling and acted on it. Will Max ever be able to open up to Jason after all the years being beating? Can they have a friendship when almost everyone hates hybrids? Please read and give me some feed back!!! :)

***Warning boyxboy and male pregnancy***

Wtf. .... one of the teachers I hate did this! Why?!!! Does this have to follow me everywhere! Even in my holidays!!!!
ZenCore ZenCore Feb 19
Well my freind took me to an auction, and i don't know why but i could leave him there.-U put-could-supposed to be- couldnt.
Come along grab your friends we're off  to very distant lands with Jake the dog and Finn the Human the good times will never end it's adventure time !
Of course. Girls ALWAYS want to go shopping, and when they do they don't leave for hours. *sighs* I'll never understand that part of girls
vikoxD vikoxD Jan 23
It is a lovely story ^.^:)) I  have a suggestion for you if you're interested msg me pls I would be waiting like crazy ♥
Nebula1234 Nebula1234 May 19, 2015
Omg I totally understand shopping is evil when it is with your mother and sister especially when your not into all that girly stuff and they try to get you nothing but girly stuff (shivers)