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Warrior Cats Text Messages

Warrior Cats Text Messages

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Krista By loafting Completed

The most random conversations and text messages between the Warrior Cats

Grumpynoceros Grumpynoceros Mar 28, 2016
Oh. Because that's what happened to Mapleshade and her kits.
XxunicornwarriorxX XxunicornwarriorxX Jul 24, 2016
OMG THIS IS SO HOLOTASTIC!whoops sorry I'm a HOLOSEXUALS after all
Wingstar1414 Wingstar1414 May 20, 2016
Maple shade is THE worst Dark forest she-cat there ever was!
shrewclaw shrewclaw Apr 21, 2016
Well get your ass off Facebook and go save them stupid! 😂
XxFadingStarsxX XxFadingStarsxX Apr 20, 2016
I feel so bad for her, I'm so glad her mate was killed (by Mapleshade) he was a total... I'm assuming you understand. Her life was so unfair.. ): but she turned evil and  it's all Appledusk fault, I wish I could kill him a second time
Warr1orCats Warr1orCats Jan 20
I DIED reading this..  I just got to the Hawkfrost part too!