Bella Swans Twin Sister (in editing)

Bella Swans Twin Sister (in editing)

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AliceInWonderland By CeceCurlz Completed

You've heard Bella Swans story. But this is Rosabella Swans story.
Bella' s Twin sister.
The one nobody wanted.

"Stop being unreasonable! We can give up Rosabella! Nobody would miss her!" 
Rosabella caused this. Its her fault we fight! Charlie and I were so happy when we found out we were having a child. We could afford one child but then she came along. A surprise! You must be so happy! The nurse had said but I felt no love towards the child. With her red hair. She wasn't wanted. We can't afford to keep her. She's tearing our marriage apart. I wish she had never been born.
"Who are you?" Bella asks finally and I smile slightly twirling the end of my hair nervously. "My Name is Rosabella.... I'm your twin sister.... hi" I whisper towards the end.


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I hate Renee who does that it is her fault she is blaming a what few months old baby for something she did it is her fault
😂 I think it's funny that her twin Bella and he called Bella. I know means beauty or beautiful.
CeceCurlz CeceCurlz Jan 28, 2016
For some reason the pictures I published aren't actually with the book....
- - Jan 28, 2016
OMG. I'm waiting for more exciting chapters. This was awesome! :)