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Words that I wanted to tell you [hatake kakashi's love story]

Words that I wanted to tell you [hatake kakashi's love story]

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ayumisenju By ayumisenju Updated Sep 24, 2016

Have you ever wondered why Kakashi doesnt have a love life? Apparently he does, he just dont want to talk about it since the girl that he loved the most died in mission together with him. Then, years passed,  he saw that girl again on Konoha, "w-wait is that her? but she's dead" Kakashi said as he walked towards the girl. "NO WAY.. SHE'S DEAD IM SURE OF IT, WHAT'S HAPPENING?". She's now a product of edo tensei (a forbidden technique), will he end up killing her?

Me:*see's cover* Kashi-kun why are you crying? Did some bitch hurt you???? HUH?!!?!? *KILLER MODE*
Roses_And_Wars Roses_And_Wars Aug 11, 2016
Same here, same here. The cover makes me feel so sad. 😿😿😿
YoureSht YoureSht Mar 13, 2016
Don't we all have a huge crush on him? I mean like, that's why I'm here...
YoongiJungKookie YoongiJungKookie Oct 15, 2015
Omg i saw the cover pic and i almost cried :'( am i the only one XD
emelisa15 emelisa15 Aug 05, 2015
anyway this is the second time im reading this story,, i really like it
emelisa15 emelisa15 Aug 05, 2015
u had a crush or u still do??? well anyway i love him too sooooo