Would You Rather With Michael Jackson

Would You Rather With Michael Jackson

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What would you do if you were put in a world you rather situation or imagine with Michael Jackson? Read and tell....

Full of quirky and cute scenarios and stories, it's the perfect read for a Moonwalker. I'm also open to suggestions, message me if you're interested.


I would nod, while smiling, then go back to what I was doing...
CicisLife CicisLife Jul 16
Smile at him then I will look at the bottom and then start talking with him
Say hey let's go were we were SUPPOSE TO MEET AND QERE U REALLY ARE NOW!😭michael 💝💝 I'm coming
jess20706 jess20706 Aug 07
Smile and roll my eyes...you gotta play hard to get and keep em coming, you know what I'm saying ?😏
Stare too dumbfounded to move a muscle. Stare at the God given gift presented to me until the bitch behind me in the queue tells me to move.
Smile and say hello and hope he asks for my number if not start becoming a regular costumer