Would You Rather With Michael Jackson

Would You Rather With Michael Jackson

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❤️❤️MJ4Life❤️❤️ By Dreamer_2_Believer Updated Dec 29, 2016

What would you do if you were put in a world you rather situation or imagine with Michael Jackson? Read and tell....

Full of quirky and cute scenarios and stories, it's the perfect read for a Moonwalker. I'm also open to suggestions, message me if you're interested.


I would invite him over and dry his over at my house..............
RoyalBaby3 RoyalBaby3 Jan 16
I would give him a smile, and give the money with my number on top that says call me and he unfolds calls me and we get married
AshleyWilliams187 AshleyWilliams187 Dec 29, 2016
On the inside I would be screaming but on the outside I would just be staring
UnbreakableJoJo UnbreakableJoJo Dec 31, 2016
I would get soaked myself if ya know what I mean😏😏😏😏
brittney1997able brittney1997able 3 days ago
I'm shy so I would smile back and put my head back down😊😊
RoyalBaby3 RoyalBaby3 Jan 16
I would help him clean up buttttttt I would also clean something else up 😈