Taming The Beast

Taming The Beast

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UniqueAlexJ By UniqueAlexJ Updated Oct 12

I forced myself to ignore the thick moan that threatened to escape my lips as he grabbed my waist, forcefully pulling my body to him as he spoke. "No matter what goes on between us, you have no claim over me. You'll never be able to control me."

I inwardly smirked to myself as his words filled my ear. Thrusting out my hip, I made both of our bodies touch and by the look on his face, I knew he was affected. 

"No matter what you say, you know deep down that I in fact have a claim on you." Leaning in a little forward, I whispered in his ear, feeling his body shudder for just a moment. "You're a beast, Nico, and it seems as if I'm the only one who can tame you,"

Smirking even harder, I pushed him away and sauntered out into the dining hall. 

Elise Daniels is running away from a tormented past. She's in fear of being found by the man she once loved. But what she wasn't prepared for was to meet a man that leaves her confused, hot, and annoyed all at the same time. Nico D'Angelo is his name. The most feared and respected Alpha in Minnesota. Elise thinks he's a degrading scum bag and she wants absolutely nothing to do with him. But reality comes crashing down on her when she realizes that she's his mate. Nico is an unpredictable, vicious beast, but the real question is, can she tame him?

cover by : @soundthealarm
This is a werewolf story! 
Posted (02/06/16)

brokenugget brokenugget Mar 19
I don't mea to be a nazi or anything, I just want to help with the editing process so imma point out that you said 'whether' when it is supposed to be 'weather' c:
Nico di angelo? Hullo fello demigod. (I sincerely hope you are a PJ fan or I have just made myself look like a wuss):P😛😜
JCQuinn_ JCQuinn_ Feb 25
You better write Your ass off missy!! I loooveee it!! Keep it UP ❤️
RocklinRy RocklinRy Oct 13
He's smart. And very sneaky. Having her reeling for more. I like this character. GIVE. ME. MORE.
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