Star Wars: The Clone Wars - The scenes  we never get to see

Star Wars: The Clone Wars - The scenes we never get to see

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CommanderCookie12 By CommanderCookie12 Updated Sep 21

A series of one-shots about our favorite characters in the Clone Wars. Some will be funny, some romantic, some more serious, some about the family/friendship relationships between characters. I am also open to taking suggestions or requests for a chapter, including requests for pairings, characters having children, etc. This will not just be about the Jedi, but also the sith, senators, representatives, smugglers, droids, clone troopers, separatist, and we can't possibly forget everyone's favorite pirate, Hondo! Others can be done if requested. Reviews, suggestions, requests, etc. are more than welcomed. 

I don't own Star Wars: The Clone Wars or any of the characters in it.

Thanks for reading!

Hahaha this is so cute! I can totally see non-serious Anidala actually gigging around like this behind-the-scenes <3
This one is really funny. I was laughing but I'm trying to be quiet...
OMG the last part... that was great. I can totally see that happening.