My Life as a Teenage Killjoy (MCR fanfiction)

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Cara By cara_killjoy Updated 2 years ago
Nicolette Kane, a not so normal girl living an all too boring life. After her parents die she is sent to an adoption centre where she only has one friend and no hope of ever getting adopted. Her whole life is a drag. Until an unfortunate accident lands her in a strange new environment in... The middle of the desert? Not long after her arrival, she comes face to face with the Fabulous Killjoys. Four strange yet very friendly guys seeking vengeance against Battery City's horrible government. Join Nicci, Later named Crash, and the Fabulous Killjoys as they come across new adventures involving strange villains and the evil Better Living Industries. Written by caradaz, I only own my characters and do not own MCR or the idea of the true lives on any way.
This is amazing so far <3 I can tell it's not the average MCR fanfic!
OMIGOSH Cdawg dont tell me when i should and shouldnt make tea!!!!!
Cdawg I love it soooo much. You need to keep writing that. Plus I need you to read my story so far too is Aca-Awesome!!! Love you not in the weird way lol.