No more of little miss goody two shoes ( Completed)

No more of little miss goody two shoes ( Completed)

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"I've changed... I'm not that girl anymore. I'm not a girl you can mess with again". I said proudly. 

"Oh really? Prove it then" he said with a smug look on his face. Oh I just want to slap that smug look off of his face. I'll show him. I flicked my hair and looked into his eyes while leaning closer to his face. He looked uncomfortable and was closing his eyes. Ha he thought I was gonna kiss him. I quickly grabbed his lollipop from his mouth and put it into mine. He opened his eyes straight away shocked. I have him a wink and walked out of the cafeteria. 

Stella Williams WAS a bad girl but changed for a boy she loved. But it all changed when she saw the most horrible thing that she ever saw. Her man with another girl. She wanted to change back to her old self. With the help of her aunt and her best friend and a new guy she plans revenge and maybe even fall in love again.
Started: 28th Of January 2016
Finish: 10th Of February 2016

I want her as my aunt so bass! She is hilarious! I'm still laughing at what she said
ohheaven ohheaven May 31
If shes 5 years older than u. U should already know what she did in highschool because you were around. But maybe when u were younger u didn't worry about that stuff.