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A. By AttGrace Completed

"Hey you, naughty fella"

A rookie photographer, Jeon Jungkook, gets hired by a world renowned boss and actor in London named Kim Taehyung.

So what happens next? 

The story gets more intriguing.

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yellowsyrup yellowsyrup Apr 08
I read it out loud with a pretty good British accent I'm on a role
Jungkook With a British accent...aha *Falls over* oh u-um okay
-hlessed -hlessed Apr 14
You know what Europe is? And if you're in England, visit me. :c
yellowsyrup yellowsyrup Apr 08
Ok well I'll just drop your mail in the door slot then is that okay ma'am?
rmprsiii rmprsiii May 09
is it only me or i just read this with the voice of a man in courage: the cowardly dog show