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The twin angels of sabertooth

The twin angels of sabertooth

36.6K Reads 1.1K Votes 13 Part Story
Christina By Kana12349 Completed

Lucy Heartfilia and Yukino Aurgia, both experience tragedy. Betrayed, heart broken, lost, they run to the forest and find themselves together. They are about to give up when a beautiful white light erupts in front of them, "hello, I am Sapphire, the Angel of gathering. And you are my newest protégés"

(Note: hello, in 2017 January 7th, this story will begin major revisions! Basically I'm rewriting the whole thing. Because it sucked. Bare with me in the first few chapters, in some there aren't even quotations, I'm sorry for the inconvenience)


Do you realize that the title says angles  instead of angels
neko_binnie neko_binnie Apr 11
*jumps out window*
                              AHHHH THE 3RD STORY WITH PUNS I CANT ESCAPE
princEss040405 princEss040405 Jun 29, 2016
What ever happened to quotation marks? Sorry it is not that I hate the plot and the story in fact it is a good one but I can't follow the conversations due to it not having any quotation marks so please can you add them?
AirPokemon AirPokemon Jan 28, 2016
Nice, And I rlly want to jump in the story and yell, "NATSU IMMA KILL YA NOW!!!!! UNIVERSAL DRAGON'S ROOOAAARR!!!!!!" yep, im the universal dragon slayer, Jade Star. Who are you in Fairy Tail?
Kana12349 Kana12349 Oct 19, 2016
Hello! Anyone who comments on this, I am sincerely sorry for how BAD it is! I'm working on existing now and thank you for your feedback
Alamatrix Alamatrix Jul 01, 2016
Im sorry but what's with spelling angels as angles, or are they supposed to be angles.