Undertale X Reader - Hiatus

Undertale X Reader - Hiatus

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Willow Pines with Rainbow Eyes By IcyDuelist Updated Dec 25, 2016

One shots (or parts) with Undertale characters! Cause LIFE!

No media belongs to me unless specifically said


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LeDutchGirl LeDutchGirl May 30, 2016
Hello, I'm I don't know if you do requests, but could you please do more Underswap Papyrus? No one and I mean NO ONE ever does any and I know a lot of people like him. (Or its just me and I'm lonely)
Ailuroswag Ailuroswag Jul 21, 2016
❤ Can i request my OC again? I felt Stephanie's too over powered. I made another OC tho, if you wouldn't mind that I PM you her info or accept the request.
nnovakk nnovakk Aug 22, 2016
Can you do a mettaton EX x reader about when the reader pulls the switch and he turns into mettaton ex and he is going to fight he changes his mind because he things different than the robot mettaton
PatrickStewart2 PatrickStewart2 Aug 26, 2016
can i do a frisk x reader about when the reader falls to the underground hurt and frisk sees them and runs to them to see if they're ok and makes them friend's and then the rp continue from there
Pocami_ Pocami_ Jul 05, 2016
If you still do requests, may I ask for an Undyne x Reader? (My friend uses my wattpad a lot but didn't know how to request so sorry if this is bothering you!)
Clumxii Clumxii Apr 10, 2016
um, maybe, could you try Underswap!Napstablook x reader...? I think it would be interesting to see your take on his character....