Letting It Out (Johnnie Guilbert X Reader) {completed}

Letting It Out (Johnnie Guilbert X Reader) {completed}

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jenn==> be pathetic By Flarexx Completed

A reader X Johnnie Guilbert story.

(Y/n) found out her boyfriend was cheating on her.
She was left all alone.
When a new kid shows up.
His name is Johnnie Guilbert.
One of (y/n)s favorite youtubers.
What happens when you fall in live with a guy from YouTube?

Hope you like it. I'm a shit writer btw.

Also. TRIGGER WARNING. I do have mention of self harm in this so if you do not like the topic of self harm. Just click/tap away.

I will try my best to update every 1-3 days but I will tell you if it will be longer.

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heatherrosebiersack heatherrosebiersack Oct 09, 2017
I almost stabbed my self thank God my best frand was there to stop me
420animeLLAMA 420animeLLAMA Sep 18, 2017
I'll have you know being called  emo is offensive!! And I'd rather use the term expressive and or artistic person!! (Note: not to author-chan, only to those other bitches)
SkittlezInPop SkittlezInPop Aug 29, 2017
Since I haven't read the series yet I'm just gonna pretend that its a studio ghibli dress
lllama67890cupcake lllama67890cupcake Sep 08, 2017
Gerard way moaning or Gerard way in general (as you can tell) is my religion
Michelle_Lei Michelle_Lei Oct 09, 2017
mama guilbert i didn't mean to make you cry, if i'm not back by this time tomorrow, carry on~
                              *hugs mama guilbert*
                              heh XD
Willow_MCR Willow_MCR Jul 01, 2017
number 1 I'm 5' 9" bitch and I just dyed my hair black and blue