Love and Affection

Love and Affection

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"Thats it I had enough Trey"Nicki yells 

"Come on baby you dont mean it " Trey says back 

"No Trey get out of my house and dont think about seeing my child" she yells 

"No bitch shes my child too fuck what you say I'll see her when i want " Trey says as he leaves out the room 

Nicki then sits there dumbfounded her daddy always told her not to let no dead beat nigga disrespect her but she didnt know what to do the nigga she dealing with is crazy asf 

Next day 

"Mommy " Nakayla Nicki daughter says 

"Yes mama" Nicki says while doing her 6 year olds hair for school 

"Why were you and daddy fighting last night" 'Nakayla says 

"Well your dad and I had an disagreement " Nicki says as she finishes Nakayla's hair 

"Oh well can we leave him ...." 

"Wait....what where is all of this coming from " 

"Me mommy " she says while giggling 

" well why do you want to leave ?"

"so we can start over mommy "

"I'll tell you what if it get that bad ok " 


"Now lets get you to school" 


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