Muslim Love Story. [ COMPLETE ]

Muslim Love Story. [ COMPLETE ]

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Bismillah. ✨ By FatimaO111 Completed

Read this story as it follows the beautiful journey of Hira and Amir on their road that takes them closer and closer to marriage, love, Islam and Allah. 

*prologue in the first chapter* 

Votes & comments are appreciated of course :) x 

As salamu alaykum love bugs ❤️

Muslimah350 Muslimah350 Jun 06
Hanging pictures in a home isn't allowed in Islam. Coz Angels don't enter the house.
anosha2627 anosha2627 Aug 02
Idk how many times Im gonna re-read this book but damnnn girl its awesome! I'm gonna keep the track of the times I re-read XD
I mean as far as i know compared to all other religions .. Muslims gives their importance to their religion...thats y i have asked...not to insult u ... if i mean .. am so sorry
niqaabifarmgirl niqaabifarmgirl Jul 20, 2016
Finally checked out your story and it's sounds really good masha Allah :)
most_bay most_bay Jan 28, 2016
I like your style and how you got to the point and defined your character in the first page
Midnight_muslimah Midnight_muslimah Jan 28, 2016
Ugh now I feel like the books gonna be short bcuz u told us the ending