Your'e Perfect [Chat Noir X Reader]

Your'e Perfect [Chat Noir X Reader]

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《S T A R 》 By galacticshootingstar Completed

Life isn't the way everyone thinks it's going to turn out. Everyone thought that Marinette and Adrien were going to end up together. They didn't. Instead y/n l/n ended up with Adrien Agreste. The moment they both met sparks flew between them and they knew they were in love but Marinette still believed she had the upper hand, in the end it didn't work out her way and she will still do anything to get her way but things don't always turn out the way you think it will. 

I own nothing except my own original plot everything else belongs to Miraculous Ladybug and the Zag company, which is what makes Miraculous Ladybug possible.

Started: July 18, 2016

Finished: January 14, 2017

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KatelynPreston KatelynPreston Jul 25, 2017
AckermanMilkCompany AckermanMilkCompany Jul 19, 2017
I can remember her name (its really late) but she is the cute blonde girl. (Not Chloe) Is her name Rose?
Meowkid1000 Meowkid1000 Aug 02, 2017
I just saw this book, and it MEETS ALL MY STANDARDS! 🔮W🔮 If you get reference yay. THIS BOOK HAS ENOUGH CHAPTERS SO I CAN GET ATTACHED!!! YAY
Meowkid1000 Meowkid1000 Aug 02, 2017
1. CHAT NOIR (he da best)
                              2.NINO (he da second best especially in fanfics)
                              3. JULEKA OR ALEX
ScarletValkrum ScarletValkrum Jun 28, 2017
Chloe but making friends you have Tomato-Child, Bakergirl, Lady Wifi, DJ Bubble, and Misur Agrest
Plaag and adrien's mother... Plaag because he is my spirit animal and his mother because there is so much more behind her story that we sont know about and i am really curious