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Heartbreaker | Love Sick | AFTERMATH { A Michael Jackson Fanfiction Series}

Heartbreaker | Love Sick | AFTERMATH { A Michael Jackson Fanfiction Series}

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Queen Jackson By MJacksonsQueen Completed

Born and raised in New York City, Violetta never expected to move to her  step-father's hometown Gary IN. All her life, she never thought that her life would change dramatically until she met Daryl Jackson.

Bad boy with a bad reputation to break girls' hearts with a dark past who falls in love with a girl who contains revenge and dark secrets. 

Will it cost his love for her or will it shattered before his very own eyes? 

~Began on January 26 2016~
~Ended on May 3rd, 2016~

After, getting accepted in UCLA and leaving Violetta behind in Gary, IN with his unborn son. Daryl flies to Los Angeles, CA to have his childhood dream come true.

Daryl will many challenges in the nearby future but will he be able to push past through them without Violetta at his side or will he find a new love interest in the mean time.

~Second Book of Heartbreaker series~

~Started on May 8, 2016~
~Ended on July 5, 2016~


Eugene Walkers as Patrick Stump
Daryl Jackson as Michael Jackson
Violetta Fallon as Holland Roden

AFTERMATH'S DESCRIPTION: Back at it again, Daryl and Violetta are back better than ever but can you keep it in the closet of their darkest days.
{Discontinued Early} 


(True events for the author and others behalf)


I will be using the name Daryl instead of Michael's real name, So STOP asking why I'm using it. I wanted Heartbreaker to feel more unique than using Michael's real name and this is based on the Bad era.

There will be murder, Violence, sexual content involved please read under YOUR own risk.

Soo because you called me airhead i take it you find me delicious..?😋
Kasandra_J Kasandra_J Jul 07
i can imagine this & let me just say he doesn't look bad doing it 😭😍😍😂
srk2015 srk2015 Apr 03
Why would he recall from his childhood? Christopher Columbus didn't "discover" America during Michael's, it was way before that.
TinkerLayz TinkerLayz Jun 25, 2016
Me: Hey, I'm Liu. I like food, sleeping, and have a ridiculous obsession with MJ. Don't talk or touch me. Thank you.
JustThatBitchKay JustThatBitchKay Jun 14, 2016
He was an ass of an explorer who thought he found "America" and enslaved/killed/räped many natives 😩
SierraHayes6 SierraHayes6 Jun 20, 2016
Good first chapter! Loved it and will continue to show it some love! ❤