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Miraculous Uncovered

Miraculous Uncovered

46.5K Reads 2.4K Votes 20 Part Story
Vani G By Vanessag9 Completed

Author's note: There are probably some grammar mistakes and because of my potato behavior I will NOT be correcting them. But I can assure you, you can still enjoy the story :*
Running through the streets of Paris, Ladybug quickly searches for a place to hide as her miraculous runs out of powers. Same for ChatNoir. Although, they didn't know that someone was watching... Alya watched Chatnoir turn back into a somewhat shocking revelation. ChatNoir is Adrien!!

 (LIKE YOU DIDNT KNOW) Sorry breaking 4th wall.....

Alya tells her BESTIE Marinette that she discovered who ChatNoir is! But Marinette still chooses not to talk to Adrien and tell him that she is his adored Ladybug. With Marinette acting more and more awkward around ChatNoir, it is even more worse with Adrien himself. Maybe Adrien's brain will start FUNCTIONING PROPERLY. 
I do not own Miraculous Ladybug. All credit goes to Thomas Astruc, Zagtoon and the other companies that took part in the Ladybug show!

I also do not own the pictures/fanart

Finally someone sees his innocence walk xD idk why but I luv it.
HareShare HareShare Mar 12
I voted for this because Adrien was shirtless. I know, I'm such a perv when it comes to hot animated boys but hey, aren't we all?😏
HareShare HareShare Mar 12
Um...your shirtless, so I was just, ya know, stalking? Hehe *nervous laugh*
Genie-DemonQueen Genie-DemonQueen Dec 02, 2016
*grabs bat, slams it into window* *grabs book, slams it into face* *face plants into wall* HOW DUMB ARE YOU?!?!😡😡😡
RomanceAnd2ndChances RomanceAnd2ndChances Sep 15, 2016
Alya  finds Chat's identity.  I wonder what is going to happen next?
Genie-DemonQueen Genie-DemonQueen Dec 02, 2016
I'm biting my lip in public, smiling like a maniac, while trying to hold my laughter down. So far, I'm successful except for a few snickers