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Summer Love (Heroes of Olympus AU)✔️

Summer Love (Heroes of Olympus AU)✔️

13.3K Reads 642 Votes 12 Part Story
Satan By -_-mikaelson-_- Completed

Jason Grace and Piper McLean hate each other's guts. The mere thought of the other makes them want to vomit. They two of them have gone to the same summer camp for years, always trying to be better then the other. But after some freak accidents *cough* Drew Tanaka *cough* where Jason saves Piper, they become friends. Over the course of time, they start to fall for each other. Will this love born from hatred survive?

Disclaimer: I don't own Percy Jackson or Heroes of Olympus, Rick Riordan does

Babydoglove Babydoglove May 15, 2016
No disrespect intended Zeus, but... MY FATHER POSEIDON IS BETTER!
shippingpercabeth shippingpercabeth Sep 30, 2016
Piper and Nico : He's not my type Me: " you must be blind o-o "
thepjofangirl3 thepjofangirl3 Dec 05, 2016
babybookbear babybookbear Jul 22, 2016
My gods! It's a rare fanboy in it's natural habitat. Shhh... Don't disturb it.
I don't want to get to technical, but Zeus isn't the strongest Olympian. Just because he drew the luckiest and got the sky for his domain does not mean that his older siblings are any less powerful then him.
                              So sorry for the little bit of rant.
Lexi_Nozomi Lexi_Nozomi May 20, 2016
Lexi~San feels like Aphrodite is her mother!!! She reads too many romance novels and Fanfics (≧∇≦)