After the Battle: A Crossover Fanfiction

After the Battle: A Crossover Fanfiction

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Bella By bellarue- Updated Jul 31


The Demi gods were given permission to leave camp for a short vacation after the war with Gaea was over. But when Annabeth sees the oddest thing in Kings Cross station will their trip be taken off course?
The Pevensie children are returning home after their first, particular, visit with Mr. Diggory. But what will happen when they discover a second magical world much different from Narnia?

Harry, Ron and Herminonie have finished fighting Voldemort. And it's time, they decided, to return to Hogwarts to complete there last year. But when new  dangers suddenly appear will they be able to stop them?
Join the Demi gods, Narnians and all of your favorite wizards in a new set of adventures! 
Information: Leo and Calypso aren't a couple. Also, not all facts and time ranges matchup. This takes place after the seventh Harry Potter book, after the first Narnia book, and after the last Hero's of Olympus book. 
        I'm just a fangirl having fun! I hope you like it! Updates are every other weekend :)

Cover by @-hermy

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