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Percy Jackson and Uncle Bruce (Rewrite)

Percy Jackson and Uncle Bruce (Rewrite)

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SamanthaPerry0 By SamanthaPerry0 Updated Oct 13, 2016

Percy was abused by Gabe (No rape) it was when his mother died and Gabe was still a total douche that Percy had enough. He ran away and lives on the street. Upon the streets 10 year old Percy jackson stumbles upon 7 year old Annabeth Chase, 12 year old Thalia Grace, and 14 year old Luke Castellan. When they first reached camp and conflict arrives because of his dear old dad Percy is thrusted into the Greek world with his new friends. Not only that but after the lightning disaster he is found by the police and taken into custody where he is thrusted back to a close relative named Bruce Banner. What could go wrong?
OCish Percy Jackson
Bisexual Percy Jackson
Builder Percy Jackson
Good Luke and Annabeth
OC Evil Character

When im nervous/upset I stutter and mess with whatever's close to me (ex- a pencil or maybe my hair etc) but when im exited I say 'like' a lot (ex- "So like did you like know like im like gonna like have a new baby sister like I can't believe it!") but I don't sound like a valley girl when I do.....
CatieCat1013 CatieCat1013 Nov 30, 2016
I get really literal in what I hear or respond to ( I get a bit cold I guess...)or I get super optimistic to relieve tension with jokes
England_From_Hetalia England_From_Hetalia Dec 29, 2016
I read a book when I'm nervous.
                              And bite my nails.
                              Then get a sore throat.
                              And keeps reading.
I just become 10x more creepy than people say I am. I just stare with this dead look lmao, probably why people think I'm a robot. No I'm serious kids at my school came up with a theory that I'm a robot
- - Jul 29, 2016
I do anything. Like I'll play with my jacket cord sometimes, I'll bite my nails, I'll fiddle with my shirt, if I'm at school, I'll play with my back pack strap, or I'll bounce my pencil/pen, I'll tap my fingers on my desk or on the wall, I'll tap my foot, ect.
JasmineLilies JasmineLilies Jul 10, 2016
No snacks are poisonous, if you eat then you won't die, some are venomous.