The Theories Go On

The Theories Go On

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lexilurvsID By lexilurvsID Updated Apr 08, 2016

You thought the theories ended?


They go on.

REMINDER: These ARE NOT my theories. I find them on the internet and post them here. If you have any theories that you'd like to see here, message me. :)

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Firelilyrose Firelilyrose Jul 29, 2016
Just read a bunch of these and I'm slightly afraid of going to sleep now.  Cause someone's gonna murder me in my sleep.
I think that Freddy and Foxy were at different doors. This would explain the knocking and The song. Then, chica/Bonnie must have been just now reaching the office when the recording was almost done witch would explain the loud moan
Sw33t_Revenge Sw33t_Revenge Jul 15, 2016
I always thought it was the janitor.....e-e that sneaky bastard
JessTheSmolBean JessTheSmolBean Oct 12, 2016
hey what about the Link is dead theory in Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask
Fox_Star Fox_Star Aug 26, 2016
Is it possible that ALL of the animatronics were involved? Like they all had made there way into the room or were outside, and golden Freddy killed him off or something?
Elysiumboss57 Elysiumboss57 Jun 26, 2016
Please do Clarence or the amazing world of gumball or please we bare bears