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The Bad Men Stories: Russian Arrogance [Book #1]

The Bad Men Stories: Russian Arrogance [Book #1]

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LittleRebelxo By LittleRebelxo Completed

As soon as our eyes met, I told him the words that I had been keeping bottled up inside me the entire time. ''I hate you.'' I spat right into his face.

His cold hand cupped the side of my face with a chuckle. ''With time,'' He said, ''you won't.''

''Why do you say that?''

''I just do,'' He responded arrogantly. ''because every beauty needs a beast.''

With those words, he slammed his lips against mine, the impact causing me to stumble back.

Zara Hastings is an eighteen year old stubborn and hot-headed girl trying to stay away from her family and past that seem to bring her nothing but pain and betrayal. Isn't family supposed to be loving?

Christian Pierce is a twenty-one year old arrogant man. He's a mystery, a puzzle that is yet to be solved. He lives by the no-rules policy and being the infamous gang leader is enough proof of that simple fact.

So, what happens when these two are trapped in a loveless marriage that is the result of nothing but the mistakes that have been committed in the past?

A story of Violence, Gangs, Lies, and a shit load of Romance.

Spiritualbeauty Spiritualbeauty Nov 23, 2016
I hate when girls swoon over good looking boys and describe them like some meat .. This thing makes me lost my interest in the story ..
Said any Wattpad and anime watcher ever like come on life make a good specimen for human like pleaseeeee
mct_bambi mct_bambi Jan 18
Zeiss if you hurt courtney. ZARA GIRL POWER CUT HIS DICK OFF
Marisolynn Marisolynn Jan 08
And then came his neck, then collarbone, then chest, then blah blah blah now can someone tell me what the hell the point is?
Reminds me of Melania Trump in an interview with Anderson Cooper. 😂
mct_bambi mct_bambi Jan 18
Im kinda hoping zeiss is doing this to protect zara... but im not hopeful