☆Anime Confessions☆

☆Anime Confessions☆

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Rui♡ By Ackermanlet Updated Nov 23

Wattpad's first Anime Confession Book! 

A book for Anime lovers to confess! It can be about any anime and any thing that you like/dislike about a particular character or thing!

To submit your confessions please PM (Private Message) me♡

Submissions are ALWAYS OPEN:3


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ExorcistNR ExorcistNR Aug 20
That's so funny. I mean like dreams are strange and having Sebastian like smile at you, you don't know if your a nun who is about to learn a lesson or you must of did something to Ciel😂😂
Ok i dont know if you still update this but here goes my confesion -------- *breathes* ok ----- I Love-------- Gray Fullbuster THERE I SAID IT I also read GrayxReader Lemon YOU CANT JUDGE ME  P.S Dont put my name in thr confesion if u put this in this book
I had the exact same dream I didn't know if he wanted to do something dirty with me or kill me......