Bewitching A Wolf

Bewitching A Wolf

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TheRavenProphet By TheRavenProphet Updated Aug 02, 2016

Diana Knight may not be popular amongst her peers at her local university, but she is the most sought after Wiccan throughout the society of the supernatural. Magick, vampires, werewolves, and faeries; they all exist. Sure, humans have the right to know about their existence, but given the fact of human history with things they don't understand nor deem normal...secrecy is probably the best option. Diana, however, is well known for her practice in healing magick and her magickal charms and potions. Whether it's fixing a faery's wing or healing a vampires sun burned skin, Diana is always willing to help.

One-night werewolves come to Diana's door demanding that she save their Alpha. Diana is reluctant at first since it is the infamous Apollo Savage, the ever ruthless and cruel alpha of the Sanguis Bellator Pack, but she cannot ignore her caring nature nor the thought of a man dying when she could have prevented it.

To say Diana was shocked when she saw the wounded alpha was an understatement. To see such a strong and prideful wolf man weak and vulnerable brought tears to her eyes, so she uses every ounce of her strength and magick to bring Apollo to a full recovery. Once the alpha completely healed she believes its time to head home...but Apollo won't let her leave.

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melgarz15 melgarz15 Jun 02, 2016
Please don't let us suffer any longer please update this amazing story
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OMG plz plz update awesome story love it 😄😆😆😆😆
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Please update soon. You haven't updated in almost six months!!!?😭😭😞😠
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Oh god please update soon. I need to know what happens next!! No pressure though ✌
KaidaKaliyah KaidaKaliyah Jul 29, 2016
Please update soonthis book is amazing and i cant wait to be able to read more of it
hunnybunny223 hunnybunny223 Aug 17, 2016
It would be cool if she had the ability to make it go back the way it was like in tangled the healing song!