Adopted By August Alsina

Adopted By August Alsina

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So today I'm going to adopt a baby girl maybe like 4-6 so I got in the shower did my hygiene and put on some red and black joggers with the matching shirt and put on some chains I walked out got in my red lambo and sped off..I pulled up to peaches and hopped out.....couple of hours later I saw this beautiful little girl so I went to talk to her

Aug:hey,what's your name

???:my name is august lashae

Aug:well august my name is august too

August:wow we have the same name to

August:I guess we do

Aug:do you want to be adopted?


Aug:okay well go pack 

August:well mr i don't have anything else

Aug:I guess we gotta go shopping..and don't call me Mr


Aug:you can call me dad

August:okay I will 

Aug:now lets sign these papers

August: lets gooooo!

Aug:don't scream like that (I said chuckling)

August:I'm sorry I'm just excited

Aug:what do your friends call you


Aug:I'll just call you lashae or baby girl

Lashae:okay daddy


Lol thought I seen MY name in that bihh😭😭😭😭💀💀💀💀✋✋✋👀👀👀☕☕☕😂😂🙌🙌🙌