Summer child~Brandon Stark x Reader

Summer child~Brandon Stark x Reader

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Betrothed to Robb Stark. I have been friends with the Starks for years. I grew up knowing their family as well as they knew mine. But as Robb feels love for another, I do not have love for him. We aren't meant for each other. None the less we are bound by marriage. 

This will be a Fanfiction in first person point of view. Brandon Stark x Reader.

In this fanfiction Bran did fall from the tower. He is crippled. Jon Snow did not leave for the watch. Or he may have returned Robert Baratheon is maybe dead I haven't decided. There may be no wars to start with or there may but none the less everyone's lives.. All Starks are together. Sansa Stark's marriage with Joffery is not set in stone if the king lives. I may include the Reed siblings.

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starkiid starkiid Jun 22, 2016
I love how Rickon has a looooot of lines! Most fanfics don't have Rickon say anything, really.