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The Art of Lust

The Art of Lust

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Lee 👑 By SincerelyLee2063 Completed

Marriage is supposed to be a sacred vow between two people; a promise of forever. A vow of honor, love, and respect. But what happens when you marry someone but lack the main ingredients for a marriage?

These three adults, Allison Cooper, Adam Cooper, and Benjamin Robins are the prime example of what happens when you enter a halfhearted marriage. All of their marriages are very different from the next but they all struggle with one common problem: lust. No matter how hard they try to remain dedicated to their significant other, temptation just keeps knocking on their door.

The question is; will they answer? 

Their journeys will take you on a wild ride filled with lustful sex, dangerous vendettas, and heart wrenching betrayals. 

*Warning: this book will contain A LOT of sexual content. Read at your own risk*

PineappleLegs PineappleLegs 7 days ago
SIR?!? Don't you have fingers?? Help yourself until he gets back. Thank you
ljayfione ljayfione Jul 09
LORDDDDDD!!! So he got the girl from the studio, tabitha, and Jenna, and Kylie. Lordddd
Too busy knocking boots to cook a hot meal for your son 😂😂😂
PineappleLegs PineappleLegs 7 days ago
Bruh what in tarnation?! Warm up his milk. No sir that's not even going to taste good
Now hes going after the babysitter. Whoopty damn doo😒😒😒
PineappleLegs PineappleLegs 7 days ago
Knobs open doors I hope she ready for his kids to greet her when she opens that door😂💀💀💀💀