The Art of Lust

The Art of Lust

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Marriage is supposed to be a sacred vow between two people; a promise of forever. A vow of honor, love, and respect. But what happens when you marry someone but lack the main ingredients for a marriage?

These three adults, Allison Cooper, Adam Cooper, and Benjamin Robins are the prime example of what happens when you enter a halfhearted marriage. All of their marriages are very different from the next but they all struggle with one common problem: lust. No matter how hard they try to remain dedicated to their significant other, temptation just keeps knocking on their door.

The question is; will they answer? 

Their journeys will take you on a wild ride filled with lustful sex, dangerous vendettas, and heart wrenching betrayals. 

*Warning: this book will contain A LOT of sexual content. Read at your own risk*

Wow you need to grow up you know what you was getting into when you married someone with a child 🙄🙄
Ok so now you want to try n put in some work when he's kid is calling for him 🙄🙄🙄
tempisw1 tempisw1 Aug 04
Lol the silicon titties caught me off guard for a second 🤦🏾‍♀️
bamster01 bamster01 Aug 23
* i lie to you cause I love you, I tell the truth to these ho's cause idgaf about them. 
                              *jody logic*
Uhhhhhhh 'alone time' don't exist when you have kids. Girl bye
tempisw1 tempisw1 Aug 04
Lol wowww 🤦🏾‍♀️🙄 can y'all just f*ck & be a family ? & get a couple of divorces ?