Carl Grimes Imagines

Carl Grimes Imagines

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Danyale (Dany) By Dcg7182 Updated Feb 23

Hey peoples! I am in love with the walking dead so I decided to do this. I love Carl so I wanted to share my thoughts with you guys. I suck at making titles; just btw. I am sorry I am not doing requests. I feel bad out it. These are dreams I have had or things I want to happen. Although I know he is a character on a tv show.😕 hope you like it. Enjoy!!!


(Your P.O.V.)
You are walking through the woods. You got split up from your small group of people made up of you, your mom, dad, 5 year old brother, and 8 year old sister. You were all alone now. You hear growls and moans and look behind you. You see about a dozen or so walkers. You see a small store with a green Hyundai parked in front. The car looks clean almost untouched. You dart towards the store and run in. The bell above the door rang as you shut it back. You jump up and grab the bell with a rope tied to it. You wrap the rope around the handles tightly and tie it. You then pus...

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