The Alpha's Musician (Being Edited)

The Alpha's Musician (Being Edited)

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So this is my first successful story. 

I started writing this when I was 14 so it is in need of major editing. The story is kinda cliché in places but the idea is original so please do not copy. Hope you enjoy x


Annabelle Evans lost her parents at the age of six due to a rouge attack. Because her father was one of the stongest warriors of the pack, the Alpha and Luna of her pack Blue Night  adopted her. The Alpha and Luna wanted to give Annabelle a distraction from her grief and gave her a violin. Annabelle took to the violin like a duck to water and she soon developed a huge obsession with music. 

Seeing how his parents were spoiling the orphan, the Alpha and Lunas  real son, Keith, decides she needs to be put in her place. So he abuses her. 

Annabelle didn't think her life was going to change until one day fate gave her a mate

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Endorcrine Endorcrine Jul 08
It works because the body is still transitioning from sleep mode. It would be more weird if you weren't tired after waking up
Wait you flipped off your adoptive that you were just saying you were thankful for?? I no understand
Yassss she's not a one trick pony ☺️☺️☺️🌈🦄
Giggles4444 Giggles4444 Nov 08
Your literally just described me. Except me hair goes a little passed my shoulder blades and I’m 14... but still freaky 😋
I can do the violin, but only a teeny bit of piano, but I know the guitar and the viola
I am going to be so depressed if someone destroys that violin