The Alpha's Musician (A Werewolf Lovestory)

The Alpha's Musician (A Werewolf Lovestory)

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Kim By dustythewolfe Updated Dec 14, 2016

Annabelle Evans was a pretty, kind and honest 18 year old girl. 

She was adopted by the alpha of the Blue Night pack, Alpha Eric Evans and Luna Alice when she was 6 after her mother and father died fighting off a rouge

The alpha and Luna's real son, Keith, was not happy about this. He believed that it was her fault that her parents died.
So he abuses her. But doesn't go any higher than her ribs. Who knows what his parents would do if they saw. He tells her to wear anything that will cover the bruises and will make her suffering worse if she told anyone.

Annabelle isn't completely weak and talentless. She is a musician in the pack. And is secretly training to fight.

But soon enough her mate pops along. And changes EVERYTHING

hungryandalone77 hungryandalone77 Nov 14, 2016
I play alto sax, ukulele, and I tried piano when I was younger
-Miss-Fabulous- -Miss-Fabulous- Nov 27, 2016
Every one is all.... 
                              "I play the..."
                              And I'm like
                              I like to spend my free time on my computer watching YouTube and reading so....
                              Yay lazy people
FanFQueen FanFQueen Nov 27, 2016
I play violin and I think that violin is an electric violin, not a classic. And yes there is a difference.
annikanaaaa annikanaaaa Nov 06, 2016
I, for some reason, feel uncomfortable reading that sentence for a piece of instrument.
someone_wicked someone_wicked Dec 06, 2016
if they can demolish the room why not the lock ?? no offence , just a thought
maiamancuso maiamancuso Nov 05, 2016
My best friend plays violin as well. Yet, why is it every time I touch that death machine, everyone gets ear cancer.