Little Red Hood (A Damian Wayne Fanfiction)

Little Red Hood (A Damian Wayne Fanfiction)

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Jay ▪~▪▪~▪ By Jay-Go Updated Nov 06, 2016

Amelia Blanc Wolf 10 years old, brown haired hazel eyes (sometimes green) 

-Daughter of a Hit woman and Businessman/Mafia Boss

*Hooded vigilante Little Red*

Damian wayne, 10 years old, black haired blue eyes (green depending on movie and comics)

-Son of the iconic Batman, And Talia al Ghul being the grand son of the iconic Rā's al Ghul inheriting The Wayne enterprises and League of Assassins

*Current Robin*

 Is there anything else to say?

*This story Isn't edited any minor mistakes I'll be pleased to edit*

Ps. I know this cover is shit but bare with me like this story, you can't judge a book by its cover

CeleRo CeleRo Jul 25, 2016
Man, i read the seven books! It's all like a big metaphor, so cool 😄