The Girl In Skinny Jeans.

The Girl In Skinny Jeans.

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"Ellie Conners, you are under arrest for Vandalism, Thief, Violence, Trespassing and Attempt of Murder!" The sheriff said reading only a few of the girls offences before they forcefully removed the girl from the shocked cafeteria.'

Bolten Nicks has just started at Playton high as the top of the social ladder, Mr Popular Soccer player. But guess who else is back after two years in prison. Ellie Conners, the schools trouble maker and bad girl. She catches Bolt's eyes with her bright coloured skinny jeans she wears everyday. But he also hears the rumours about Ellie and he doesn't know what to make of her. Can he understand her better than anyone else can with his own personal experiences or will he keep away?

Ellie Conners, Back after two years in prison, the school is the same with the same boring teachers and the same boring people spreading rumours about her. But there is a new Mr Popular that she instantly takes a liking too. There is something about him that draws her to him, what happens when they keep getting in each others way?

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Gigilele123 Gigilele123 Dec 27, 2017
Thats so me I'm literally always like you little...girl, or u worthless piece of....nothing (don't worry I only say this to my friends😏)
Gigilele123 Gigilele123 Dec 27, 2017
Yeah that is so prison goals, it's actually adorable, not all she has to do is get arrested again and then they can have a big family reunion
Boy were you wrong👏 (if you watch the odd1sout you would get it)
trblumr trblumr Nov 28, 2017
When I moved back to my old school everyone looked at me as if I had returned from the dead. Then my literal mortal enemy saw me in P.E. And instead of saying her name as Penrod I called her Brooklyn Period.
xdentx xdentx Oct 14, 2017
ok but thats adorable like she has her prison friends signatures
Gigilele123 Gigilele123 Dec 27, 2017
Yeah, honey police scenes are hard it's theft and attempted murder then he has to say the whole line of "you have the right to remain silent, anything you say and do can and will be used against you in the court of law..."