Interviews with suSPECt Writers

Interviews with suSPECt Writers

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su-SPEC-t By su-SPEC-t Updated Aug 30, 2016

Each week, a new su-SPEC-t author will be interviewed. These are not  the typical  questions consisting of:

"Where do your ideas come from?" or "What did you have for lunch?" 

We delve deeper, like "What are ya gonna have for lunch tomorrow?"

Add to the questions and general craziness via the comments. 

We are:

@OtherEvilTwin  Kitten and the Cloud
@BlancaWelsh  The Mark of Noba
@Lynn_Vroman  The Pairing
@Adrian_Birch   Dead in Bed
@Holly_Gonzalez  Beauty and the Bones
@FromtheBar  Interregnum
@krazydiamond   Marrow Charm 
@Matt_Weber  Dispatch from a Colored Room
@Red_Harvey  The Dark
@emoryskwara  Of Song and Singularity

HardeeBurger HardeeBurger Jan 27, 2016
@FromtheBar ... hmm.  someone should stick a match under my ass, I guess.  :-/
Matt_Weber Matt_Weber Feb 01, 2016
@benjammies I am amazed that a phone is even remotely usable for graphic design. (Maybe that telegraphs how old I am.) I use GIMP for everything, but I don't think my covers are great. Maybe I should check these new-fangled things out.
CarolinaC CarolinaC Jan 28, 2016
@fromthebar Fun answers, and an interesting peek into your thought processes!
Holly_Gonzalez Holly_Gonzalez Feb 01, 2016
Your covers look great for being made on a phone! Like Matt I use GIMP, but I'll check out those apps for sure. Great interview, @benjammies, and super nice to get to know you :)
FromtheBar FromtheBar Jan 27, 2016
Great intro - I'll have to go and check if I've still got a shadow :)
krazydiamond krazydiamond Feb 24, 2016
I love the idea of a 'writing the book one of my characters wrote'. o.o