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The Snake Whisperer (Reader x Naga!England)

The Snake Whisperer (Reader x Naga!England)

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RebeccaG By MockingbirdsDontSing Completed

The Snake Whisperer (Naga!England x Reader)
  This is my first story that I've ever made on DeviantArt and a story that I created on Quotev. You can find the story on DeviantArt under the name of 'Infinitepandas180' and on Quotev under my name 'Mockingbirdsdontsing'.
  20 years ago, a new creature was introduced to the Himaruya Zoo. A creature of intelligence and stealth.
  A Naga: a half snake, half human was something made visitors want to keep coming back. The Naga was known to of not been a gentle creature, not enjoying company of humans.
  That was until Y/N L/N became a snake keeper. Can she get the Naga to change his mind on humans, and to accept them?

Well, none of you pant-shïtters is gonna do it, that's for sure
Hima-papa be sassy af *dabs*
                              *dub-step blasts loudly in the background*
Hand over the damn naga alfred 
                              I swear if anything happens to it you die
Just Hima being a boss aśś bîtch, keep reading, there's nothing to see here
You all cowards that thing in there is cool and I shall give him food
yeah something is wrong with me, I really want to read this and I will, but snakes totally creep me out, even though I touched a boa constrictor once and did a report in like fourth grade about them