Sexy Anime Images

Sexy Anime Images

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Morgan Lawson By Anime_Freak90210 Updated 2 days ago

This is just going to be a book with pictures of familiar anime guy and some un-familiar ones as well.

I don't know why I'm making this book. It might just be that I have too many pictures of this stuff and I want to share it with people. :3


~Enjoy the pictures~

i_ducking_hate_you i_ducking_hate_you Nov 02, 2016
                              THATS WHY HES ONE HELL OF A BUTTLER
freesnkL freesnkL Oct 31, 2016
Yea Rivaille was a bad translation from Japaenese to English so it messed everything up lol
-FrancisBonnefoy -FrancisBonnefoy May 29, 2016
It is Ackerman, but Rivaille is technically an incorrect form mistakingly used for his name. (Hope this helped ^.^ )
MooMooIshAlive MooMooIshAlive Jun 26, 2016
*nosebleeds so hard that dies* *says with last breath* he sexy as hell! (Get it? Cuz he a demon?)
Lady_Crazy_kitty Lady_Crazy_kitty Aug 20, 2016
No just no I'm sorry fangirls I hate Sebastian sooo don't be mad
                              *runs away while holding a knife*
                              DONT KILL ME PLEASE
NaturalBornDisaster1 NaturalBornDisaster1 Apr 20, 2016
His last name is Ackerman and his real name is Rivaille but he goes by Levi. St least that's what I was told.