The Observer [BoyxBoy]

The Observer [BoyxBoy]

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boy troye By -voidsivan Updated 5 days ago

"He's looking at you."


"The Observer."

jynx_2_u jynx_2_u Apr 19
After you wrote the title, there are letters next to it like "M" and "MI". Are you giving us a secret message because I was thinking that you were trying to spell "MINE"
Honey, that's kind of creepy. It's the way he said Leon's near. Like okay. Okay. Hell no.
This is so mysterious...I love it u^u keep up the good work.
I would have literally walked outside, give him the bird then tell him that I can observe whoever I want 😡
-voidsivan -voidsivan Jan 28
@donutshavefeelings omg you like it? Finally! *jumps off building*
-voidsivan -voidsivan Jan 27
@AwkwardIncorporated Have you been stalking me? Bc you right brah :3 ❇