Not who you think

Not who you think

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Bella Mathews was the new girl. She hated being the new girl. But her dad promised this would be the last time that they moved. She just had to go by unnoticed and that girl that no one knew much about and was forgotten easily. 

Damon Stone was Miracle Falls's local bad boy. He notices everything and everyone. Especially when new girl Bella Mathews shows up. 

She has a secret that Damon is determined to find out. Why did she avoid conversation? Why didn't she participate in class discussions? Why did she always have her earphones in? But Bella is determined to graduate unnoticed. 

Will Damon find out what Bella's hiding? Will she get through without anyone noticing her?

Most of all will they fall in love in the crossfire of their own personal dramas?

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  • friendship
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JIN0002 JIN0002 May 05
i just turned thirteen and i am only 5 feet iam short so sad
I wanted someone to mention sam in the comments but no one did
Corinne_Panda Corinne_Panda Sep 16, 2017
*starts calling social services* ya um i got kicked out of my house for having friends that i didn't want so ya....................
I like it, but could use less swears, for example the fword.
I’m 5’6 and I can say that is short my 3 year old sister is to my bellybutton
ElvyTham ElvyTham Aug 04
Why do I got the twilight feels?
                              Oh well, maybe it's just me