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NOT SO SIMPLE | Natsu X Reader

NOT SO SIMPLE | Natsu X Reader

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Weaslemunk By Weaslemunk Updated Apr 20

(Y/n) is a Moon Dragon Slayer. She is one of the most powerful mages in the Fiore. Rumours say, she is more powerful than Zeref. Although no one knew who she was, or what her name was. . One day (Y/n) decided  to travel to Magnolia. Although she always hid her identity from others. One day she falls into a certain pink haired mage. Joins fairytail, and pretends she is the weakest one there. But will Natsu find out (Y/N) secret? Or will she always remain the so called ' weakest ' member of the guild?

Killersgirl1 Killersgirl1 4 days ago
Run Lucy Aquarius is going to kill you. You dropped her key.
Lol my username thoz. U also could have used MoonBreath. Or something
Starlexia Starlexia Apr 02
There was also a slight SUMMER breeze.  
                              *BADUM TISS* 
                              No? Ok, I'll go get life now.
I hate my hair it is like "NO WAY HUN SORRY BUT YOUR BUT IS SO SMALL I DON'T WANNA LOOK AT YOU HONEY BUNS!"And im like"Screw you to hair"
Bobcake01 Bobcake01 Apr 03
Its a beautiful day out side 
                              Birds are singing 
                              Flowers are blooming 
                              On days like these 
                              Kids like you 
                              S H O U L D.   B E.  B U R N I N G.  I N.   H E L L
Completely ignore her hand for a shake and get her car keys. X,D lmao jk