Howl {Derek/Stiles}

Howl {Derek/Stiles}

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Ok, so here is the new Sterek one. Obviously not much explained yet but it will be later on. I don't know how long this story will be, I'm just going to see where it goes. Hope ya'll enjoy! 

The title was decided by Vampura and he made the picture as well :D [aside from the eyes, I did those bitches :D]

My lungs burned as I ran through the snow filled woods. It was thrilling and exhilarating to run and not need to stop, to be able to see even though it was the middle of the night. I was still new to this whole 'werewolf' thing so the magic of it still made me giddy.

It had been by accident that I had been changed. I went to visit some family in Seattle when it happened. Of course, after having dealt with Scott and his change, I knew exactly what had happened...I was way more prepared for it than he had been. I had just gotten back to Beacon Hills last night and hadn't told Scott just yet. I hadn't actually gone though a 'change' as there wasn't a full moon until next Frida...

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xxDink6ltrxx xxDink6ltrxx Aug 16, 2012
Wow stifles a wolfthis is different and interesting. Jackson always gotta be a jerk
Emogirl2153 Emogirl2153 Oct 04, 2011
Ohhhh, I love it! I cant wait for the upload! <33  
                              I wonder what happened?
OMGguyLOL OMGguyLOL Oct 04, 2011
What happened???!! Damn you Jackson! He's jerk anyway~ Go sTILES!
coolnetta1 coolnetta1 Oct 04, 2011
Awe I wonder what happend. 
                              Can't wait for the next chapter 
                              。◕‿◕upload gain soon please
behindthelense behindthelense Oct 04, 2011
@NotDaSame who said he did? ;) I said A hand, I didn't say whose hand it was ;)
MarieLove__ MarieLove__ Oct 04, 2011
                              one:stiles was bitten!!
                              two: why the feck did Dereck punch stiles in the head! Upload soon!! Xoxo