drop dead ; phan

drop dead ; phan

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"because as you know all too well, my dear phil, i sometimes want you to just drop dead."

"ah, but you see, the feeling is mutual, howell."

|serialkiller!phil x pastelpunk!dan|
|lowercase intended|

_phatd_ _phatd_ Sep 13
lmao I thought this was a promo for Oli Sykes' clothing line (called Drop Dead check it out v good) at first
disgracing disgracing Jul 23
I remember when this had like 200 reads reblog if ur the real og!
yo i survived the cherry fic let alone the hat fic i can do this
im a depressed, anxious 13 year old who wears black.
                              just black
ohmyphan ohmyphan Oct 03
I'm so excited your writing is already so astounding I've literally never been so ready for death
i wish i lived in london rbh
                              my friend asked me to move there w/ her when we're older but living there is expensive