drop dead ; phan

drop dead ; phan

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"because as you know all too well, my dear phil, i sometimes want you to just drop dead."

"ah, but you see, the feeling is mutual, howell."

|serialkiller!phil x pastelpunk!dan|
|lowercase intended|

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asleep_ordead asleep_ordead Nov 01, 2017
Tbh I find it to be the sky right before sunrise in the fall at like 7:00. Usually there's a light breeze and the  stars are gone but the air is all wispy and calm. And then all the colors come in and it's so beautiful.
wearemysticalmists wearemysticalmists Jul 18, 2017
This is Sam, a depressed, anxious 16 year old, who wears black skinny jeans and band shirts, with black ink and scars showing on my wrists.
worldofwhitenoise worldofwhitenoise Nov 13, 2017
whoa, hold the dang phone, phil's a druG ADDICT?! 
                              lol i'm kidding i know this is just fictional.
Phileven Phileven Dec 02, 2017
You've heard of jack the ripper, now get ready for phil the stripper.
mmaadddi mmaadddi May 31, 2017
Does that mean my life is rated R because i do all of those things
dragonish94 dragonish94 Jul 02, 2017
HOW TF IS THIS AUTHOR SO GOOD AT EXPRESSION THROUGH WRITING/ that's it. I'm making a shrine for my new senpai-author